PAGAIMO MEDICAL is mostly dedicated to innovative medical devices distribution in Portugal territory. Our activity is fostered by comprehensive training programs and scientific promotion, aiming to unveil techniques and clarify possible solutions that while are still unknown or unusual on the daily healthcare practice, they might be able to help the clinician to better address the patient condition while minimizing the procedure's risk.

Every activity we develop is based in an engineering reasoning with focus on problem solving and processes optimization with a particular interest in high tech medical devices, namely bioelectronic medicine, neurotechnology and seemingly simple tools that prove to be a great support on a daily basic practice.

Our current distribution activity, while involving a different range of devices, it is limited to: neuromodulation, ultrasonic tools, cryoablation, PSI implants, standard implants and some other tools. Such medical devices cover different specialities as pain, urology and proctology, neurosurgery, spine surgery, thoracic surgery, plastic and maxillofacial surgery.

We are also involved in some exploratory research activities (mostly with university groups and hospitals) in areas as 3D planning and printing, data mining and evaluation of biomechanical parameters through biosensors and imaging results.

Our distribution activity is regulated by the National Authority of Medicines and Health Products (INFARMED) with certificate number: 051/DM/2017/V01/2017.

Either as a manufacturer, clinician or just a regular citizen, if you would like to hear more about us, feel free to reach us through the contacts below.

Phone 1: +351 302 000 587
Phone 2: +351 300 049 087
Pagaimo Medical Lda, Largo Pereira dos Santos 7, 3080-136 Figueira da Foz, Portugal